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Sept. 01- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Type 2 Diabetes and Breast and Thyroid Health in Women - Increase Your Intake of Iodine!
By Beverleigh H Piepers

Over the past 40 years, millions of North American women have experienced a nutritional condition once completely wiped out... iodine deficiency. Women who have Type 2 diabetes in particular, but many women in general, suffer painful fibrocystic changes in the breasts that simple iodine supplementation usually takes away.
The reason iodine consumption in the USA and Canada has fallen precipitously since the middle of the twentieth century is bakeries that once used iodine compounds to bleach flour now use bromine compounds. This greatly reduces the amount of iodine in the diet, and, even worse, it adds an anti-iodine compound to everyday eating. Bromine attaches to receptor sites in the thyroid that otherwise would be receiving the iodides it needs to make thyroid hormone.
When thyroid hormone levels are reduced, all the problems associated with Type 2 diabetes get that much worse. There can be inexplicable weight gain, inexplicable high blood sugar levels, and a general feeling of being tired all the time. And in women, there can also be inexplicable breast pain followed by fibrocystic changes in the breast.
When breast pain is caused by deficiency in the iodides provided by food, there is a distinctive rhythm with the menstrual cycle, (in women who have not experienced age-related or surgical menopause). This deficiency causes estrogen to latch on to more receptors in the breast, causing fibrous tissues to grow during the first half of the period, before ovulation. In women who have experienced menopause, the pain may occur all the time.
Two studies have found a keen role of this overlooked nutrient in women's breast health. One study found that women who take it overcome fibrocystic breast pain in 70% of cases. Another study found that the dosage needed for this is just 6 mg a day. That's a great deal more than is needed to prevent goiter, but it's still not a lot of iodine. That's just a 12.5 mg Iodoral tablet every other day, or a single serving of kelp or other sea vegetables every day. It's very easy to use iodine to control breast pain.
And it is very important for women who have Type 2 diabetes to take their Iodoral or to eat their sea veggies. Especially as they cut out white flour and carbohydrates, and as they make their diets more adventurous by using exotic salts, women just don't get the iodides they need. There's just one caveat.
Once in a great while women experience a condition known as iodism. This is really a reaction to the release of bromides that had been occupying receptor sites in thyroid tissue. All you need to do is to reduce your dosage of iodine.
And women who are on thyroid replacement hormone may need less Synthroid or Armour Thyroid, or both. Women who don't know that extra iodides are causing symptoms such as heart palpitations can become quite alarmed... if you take thyroid replacement hormones, speak with your doctor before taking the supplement.
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