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Sept. 03- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Women's Breast Health and Nutrition
By Steven Panzullo

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We can not seem to turn on our televisions, read the news or get on the computer without reading about health problems and new studies for this problem or that problem or this cancer or that one. It is important for everyone, especially women to have regular check ups with their doctor and to eat right and exercise regularly to lower the risk of health concerns and one of these concerns may be breast cancer. It is important for women to know what they should be eating that can help promote good breast health and to reduce their chances of being at risk for cancer and other health problems.
According to Health, Women's Health: What is Best for Breast Health?" certain foods as well as regular doctor checkups and self-exams can help breast health. The National Cancer Institute or NCI have had some studies that may show a modest risk between alcohol and cancer but this is not as high as for some other forms of cancer. So, drinking alcohol should be done in moderation as with any other diet.
Vegetables and Fruits such as: cauliflower, broccoli, bok choi and cabbage can help some survivors of breast cancer lower their risk for recurrence. According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology breast cancer recurrences may be linked to the amount of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is stored in a woman's body fat, so women who are obese or overweight may be at a higher risk for recurrence.
Another food that may help with breast health is ground flaxseed. There have been rumors that this does not work, but if used correctly, putting ground flaxseed on your food can help your breast health as well as your whole body.
It is important for everyone to exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet filled with the proper amount of fruits and vegetables but it may be especially important for women and their breast health. Following a diet filled with these foods, as well as watching your weight and exercising regularly may increase breast health and lower some risk for cancer or other health conditions now and in the future. It is also important for women to continue to go to the doctor for regular visits and to ask about any special concerns. Following these tips may help women to stay healthy long into the future.
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Recommended Reading
Cancer-Free -- Third Edition.
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