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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Almost Here
By Daniel Namm Platinum Quality Author

One of the most important events that you can get involved with this October is breast cancer awareness. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is recognized across the country every year as a way to educate people about the risks associated with the disease. There are tons of groups that organize to get out the message, as well as to raise money for breast cancer research. There are plenty of ways to get involved with promoting awareness, but let's examine a couple of the most popular ones. You will also see how breast cancer awareness promotional items can help inform people about the dangers of the disease, as well as encourage them to get involved with raising money for the cure.

The most popular event that takes place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the "Race for the Cure". This event, sponsored by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure nonprofit organization first started in Dallas in 1983. It grew from one local race to about 120 races that now exist worldwide, making it the largest fundraising event for breast cancer in the world. The "Race for the Cure" is actually a sequence of 5K runs and fitness walks which raise a significant amount of donation money for breast cancer research. The race also commemorates woman who have survived breast cancer, as well as honors those who succumbed to the disease. If you are interested in participating in the "Race for the Cure" this year, you can find the race which is closest to you at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website.

For a very easy way to show your support in the workplace, you can participate in a "pink day". On these pink days, people wear pink clothing as a way to recognize the struggle of breast cancer victims. A pink day may also involve some type of theme party that is designed to raise money to find a cure. Many companies will participate in this activity, so see if your employer is interested in having a pink day this year.

If you have a local fundraising organization, or you just want to do your part in educating the public, there are several custom breast cancer awareness items that can help you get the word out about this issue. To start, there is the obvious choice of an item that has a pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is the universal symbol for breast cancer awareness, and it is widely recognized by almost everyone who sees it. There are plenty of items to choose from whose visual presentation involve the pink ribbon in some way.

The awareness ribbon lapel stickers for instance are a great promotional item for commemorating this occasion. You can have these stickers custom imprinted with the name of your charity event, and give them out to everyone you know. Stickers stay put wherever the recipient places them, so they will be reminded of your cause every time they see this item.

Another good pink ribbon item is the breast self exam bookmark. This item is both educational and functional. On the bookmark is a series of diagrams which explain how to give yourself a self exam in order to catch any signs of the disease in their earliest stage. Of course, this item also makes a nice placeholder for the book that you happen to be reading. This item is a fantastic way to inform people about cancer prevention, and you will save lives by passing these out.

There are other breast cancer awareness promotional items without the pink ribbon that will do equally well for promoting your message. For one, translucent pink beach balls are a great way to inform people about the disease. Even though breast cancer awareness month is not until the fall, you'll be ahead of the curve when you give these balls out to everyone on the beach before the summer is over. You want to spread an early bird message in the months before October to create as much of a buzz as possible about the upcoming awareness event. This way, people have time to clear their schedule and save some money and they will be much more likely to donate or participate in a walk.

A final suggestion for breast cancer awareness promotional items is to purchase some custom awareness bracelets. The great thing about these bracelets is that they have already been established as a symbol of cancer research support. (Lance Armstrong started the LiveStrong wristband campaign for testicular cancer several years ago.) The obvious choice is to purchase bracelets which are pink. These bracelets can be imprinted with any message you prefer. Have the name of your charity embossed on these bracelets, and hand them out as a gift when people make a donation.

Make sure to get involved this October in any way that you can. Every dollar you spend, and every minute of your time advances the effort towards finding a cure. As an added reminder, when you purchase custom breast cancer awareness items from Motivators, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc.

Daniel Namm is an e-marketing specialist for Motivators, Inc., a Long Island based promotional products distributor. The company's website, has over 40,000 e-commerce enabled promotional products. Check out the latest selection of Breast Cancer Awareness promotional items to educate people about the disease.

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