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Breast Cancer Awareness - Women's Health

By Jon Wade

Each year breast cancer awareness charities make an extra effort to promote breast health. Evelyn Lauder initiated Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) in 1993 with the aim of increasing awareness, and also to raise funds to help research the condition and also provide support for sufferers.

Today, all the major UK cancer charities continue to champion the cause every October, employing the pink ribbon which is now a global symbol of breast cancer awareness. For more information on breast cancer awareness month, visit

How to Check for Breast Cancer

Breast self-examination (BSE) is an easy but slightly unreliable method for finding possible breast cancer. The purpose is to identify changes in breast structure, especially lumps.

Self examination can only help to detect some forms of breast cancer, and there is no guarantee that it will always successfully detect cancerous growth. It is recommended that women over the age of 40 include a mammography in their general medical check up every 1-2 years.

How to check your breasts for signs of cancer

1. Stand upright with your upper body exposed in front of a mirror.

2. Start with your hands on your hips while just looking for signs of dimpling, swelling, soreness, or rednes.

3. Repeat this visual examination with your arms raised above your head.

4. While still standing, palpate (i.e. examine by touch) your breasts with your fingers, feeling for lumps. Try to use a larger area of your fingers rather than prodding. Feel both for the area just beneath the skin and for the tissue deeper within.

5. Go over the entire breast while examining. One method is to divide the breast into quadrants and palpate each quadrant carefully. Also examine the "axillary tail" of each breast that extends toward the axilla (armpit).

6. Repeat palpation while lying down.

7. Check the nipples and the area just beneath them. Gently squeeze each nipple to check for any discharge.

The Seven P's method

Another method of self examination is known as the Seven P's of BSE. It is similar to the above method, chose whichever you fell most comfortable with.

1. Position: Inspect your breasts visually and palpate in the mirror with arms at various positions. Then perform the examination lying down, first with a pillow under one shoulder, then with a pillow under the other shoulder, and finally lying flat.

2. Perimeter: Examine the entire breast, including the nipple, the axillary tail that extends into the armpit, and nearby lymph nodes.

3. Palpation: Palpate with the pads of the fingers, without lifting the fingers as they move across the breast.

4. Pressure: First palpate with light pressure, then palpate with moderate pressure, and finally palpate with firm pressure.

5. Pattern: There are several examination patterns, and each woman should use the one which is most comfortable for her. The vertical strip pattern involves moving the fingers up and down over the breast. The pie-wedge pattern starts at the nipple and moves outward. The circular pattern involves moving the fingers in concentric circles from the nipple outward. Don't forget to palpate into the axilla.

6. Practice: Practice the breast self-exam and become familiar with the feel of the breast tissue, so you can recognize changes. A health care practitioner can provide feedback on your method.

7. Plan: Know what to do if you suspect a change in your breast tissue. Know your family history of breast cancer. Have mammography done as often as your health care provider recommends.

For pre-menopausal women, BSE is best done at the same stage of their period every month to minimize changes due to the menstrual cycle. The recommended time is just after the end of the last period when the breasts are least likely to be swollen and tender. Older, menopausal women should do BSE once a month, perhaps on the first or last day of every month.

About eight in ten lumps discovered by BSE are harmless. Nevertheless, any abnormality thus detected should immediately be reported to a doctor. Though most breast cancers are detected by women, BSE should be combined with an annual examination by a doctor for better chances of detection. Women can easily miss a breast lump that an expert can find. For the same reasons it is better to learn BSE from an expert.

BSE is not a replacement for more trustworthy techniques like mammography or an examination using MRI.

J.P.Wade runs the a Fitness and Health community,

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Breast Health is Vitally Important to Every Woman

By Paul Rodgers

Did you know that only 10% of breast health issues are attributed to family genes, the higher percentage due to environmental, dietary or lifestyle issues. Antioxidants are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage -- the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. Antioxidants are key elements in preventing cancer, because they stabilize highly reactive free radicals that can otherwise damage our DNA and begin the process of cancer development.

Breast health is very important to adult women and good self-esteem about breasts and all physical features are very important for younger girls. The key is recognizing changes in how your breasts look and feel. Breast health is an important part of women's lives as they age and face increased risk of breast cancer. With current women's health statistics in the United States, the need to educate and provide effective nutritional supplements to maintain breast health is a necessity.


The best policy is prevention with self-examination and using thermography to screen for trouble areas, which might show up as fibrocystic conditions or general inflammation. Your life is too important to not know the latest and greatest about womens health issues and the tried and tested. We do know that diet, lifestyle and stress relief play important roles in disease prevention, and these are places in our daily lives where we get to have a say.

Furthermore, it is believed that women should not rely on mammograms either. Women are only screened every three years and, usually, a mammogram can only detect a breast tumor once it has been growing for 8 years. By the time the tumor reaches 10 years, it could be too late. The other thing to remember is that a mammogram can only screen the part of the breast which can be put into the "clamp". It cannot screen under the armpit or between the breasts for example.


Every time someone's chest catches your eye, remember how important breast health is to your happiness. In the Chinese medical view, all elements of the body are interconnected, leading to the conclusions that breast health is connected to menstruation, exercise, diet, and mental health, just to name a few. The single most important way for you to actively pursue their health is with regular breast cancer screening. Lowering excess weight with healthy foods is a major part of prevention and treatment.

Because the breast belongs to the energy field of the heart, it's health is subject to our diet, circulation, emotions, and belief system. Being vigilant about your breast health is especially important for women at high risk, so knowing your risk factors for triple negative breast cancer is important. Your breast health is not only necessary for your self but is quite important for your baby because you breast health concerns with you baby if you are feeding mother.

As we know, breast cancer is the most feared disease amongst women and understanding how it develops, the risk factors and, most importantly, how to protect against it, will make women feel more in control and positive towards their breast health. Find out more about Breast Health

Paul Rodgers specializes in marketing natural health and beauty products

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Sept. 15- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Benefits with Calcium on Breast Health - Are There Any Benefits with Calcium on Breast Health?
By John Gibb

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It has recently been discovered that calcium helps in the fight against breast cancer, and therefore, there are many benefits with calcium on breast health. Calcium and vitamin D both are required to decrease breast densities, consequently reducing the risk of breast cancer.
Women above the age of 40 are not only more likely to become victims of bone disease but also breast cancer. These diseases mainly occur due to nutrient deficiency, particularly calcium and magnesium deficiency. Benefits with calcium on breast health can be seen by consuming calcium supplements on a regular basis.
Postmenopausal women require up to 1500 mg of calcium daily. With this amount, they should also consume adequate quantities of vitamin D to help in maximum absorption of calcium by the bloodstream. Studies have shown that women who eat a balanced diet with at least 1000 mg of calcium and more than 100 IU of vitamin D are at a reduced risk of developing breast cancer, osteoporosis, prolonged depression and PMS.
Calcium is important for maintaining overall health as it contributes to making the immune system strong. It is also required by many other systems of the body to carry out various activities including absorption of other nutrients and proper digestion of food.
If nutrients are not readily absorbed they are useless and are lost through urine. In order to obtain maximum benefits with calcium on breast health, a proper diet along with calcium supplements and regular exercise is necessary. Try to find good-quality calcium supplements available on the market. These supplements are effective and help in overcoming calcium deficiency and also serve to cure many serious complications.
Abnormally low as well as abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood are dangerous for health. Sometimes excess calcium deposits are formed in parts where it is not needed such as tissues in the breasts. This excessive calcium should be controlled by eating a diet composed of all important minerals and vitamins. Inactivity or hyperactivity of the parathyroid glands also causes calcium levels to shoot up.
Always use calcium supplements that have been approved by health specialists and doctors all over the world. If some side effects occur, immediately stop the course of calcium tablets and consult a doctor. Do not consume more than 2500 mg of calcium on a daily basis. Try to divide the dosage into many parts and make a habit of taking calcium tablets right after meals.
For optimal bone and joint health, we have been using a special natural calcium formula and for good reason, this formula is known as Bone Protect We have personally been using this formula for over 3 years with excellent health results.
You can learn more about our product of choice and why we use this product above all other calcium formulas at optimal bone health
John Gibb is the manager of a series health websites. His latest addition discusses the calcium formula himself and the editors consume. For more information on calcium, coral calcium, and bone health as a whole, be sure to check out

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Sept. 11- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Breast Health
By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD Platinum Quality Author

Recommended Reading
Cancer-Free -- Third Edition.
Gentle, Non-toxic Healing Of Cancer Is Not Only Possible

Focusing on Breast Health is superior to fighting against cancer after you have cancer. We are taught at the on-set of puberty that early detection will save women's lives against breast cancer or for a myriad of other cancers. Early detection is NOT prevention--it is fighting against the disease.

Nothing can be healed through a process of 'fighting against it.' First we need to look at how reality is created. Thoughts are created in the mind and feelings follow. Thoughts and feelings are impulses of energy. The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Cells of the nervous system, called nerve cells or neurons, are specialized to carry "messages" through an electrochemical process. The human brain has approximately 100 billion neurons.

Neurons have specialized projections called dendrites and axons. Dendrites bring information to the cell body and axons take information away from the cell body. Information from one neuron flows to another neuron across a synapse. The synapse is a small gap separating neurons. The synapse consists of:

1. a presynaptic ending that contains neurotransmitters, mitochondria and other cell organelles,

2. a postsynaptic ending that contains receptor sites for neurotransmitters and,

3. a synaptic cleft or space between the presynaptic and postsynaptic endings.

Thoughts and feelings are impulses of energy and information. They send out vibrational pictures, patterns, and colors (not words or language). This energy affects the atmosphere (energy field) around the person thinking the thought or feeling the feeling. Once they go out they can never be retracted. What we see in the outer world is a reflection of collective humanity's thoughts and feelings.

'Dare To Think For Your Self' even though you might be considered misguided or a weirdo. Being a weirdo is healthier, than allowing yourself to be programmed to have all the diseases the pharmaceutical companies want you to have so they can sell drugs. Most people are ignorant-not evil. But, as the saying goes ignorance of the law is no excuse. The result of ignorance however, is why I rely on Universal Laws. These laws transcend man-made laws, and hold true without fail. If you jump out of a window on the 10th floor you will go down--Newton's Law of Gravity ... and if you plant potato seeds you will get potatoes--not corn. Thoughts are planting seeds. Feelings follow thoughts. Thoughts and feelings create disease!

o "We cannot create solutions to problems with the same consciousness that created them."--Einstein.

o "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity."--Anonymous.

When you understand the truth about how reality is created, you will think beyond living in only a "physical world" and think in terms of an "energy world". To break free of collective programming you will need to shift your thought programming and then vigilantly select each thought and feeling. Shifting your thought programming is much like installing an upgraded computer program onto your computer. "Fighting Against" Energy Creates More Of What You Don't Want and Collapses Your Energy Field.

To create Breast Health you need to have a total focus on healthy mind, body and spirit regime.

Every day:

o Eat organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains--brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, barley (no wheat). These plants contain a virtual anti-cancer pharmacy--high-fiber. Studies reveal that women who eat a high-fiber diet have a significantly lower incidence of breast cancer, because fiber binds to estrogen, helping to eliminate it from the body. Prolonged exposure to estrogen over a woman's lifetime can increase the incidence of breast cancer.

Vegetables--broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and kale.

Dark green, leafy veggies: spinach, romaine, kale, collards, Swiss chard

Lycopene-rich produce: tomatoes, red grapefruit, watermelon, guava

Beta-carotene-rich produce: winter squash, carrots, sweet potatoes

Citrus fruit: oranges, grapefruit

Berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers may increase cancer risk, therefore, it is highly recommended to buy organic. However, since the FDA has changed the requirements for organic growing, it is best to research what stores are truly adhering to the original criteria for organic food. Organic growing is done without chemical pesticides, fertilizers and no genetically modified organisms (GMO).

o Use 'good' fats. High intake of animal fat increase incidences of cancer. Omega-3 fatty fish--wild salmon and fish-oil supplements guard against cancer. Recent studies suggest that omega-3 oils help suppress breast cancer tumors and prevent them from spreading, and ease chronic inflammation. Omega-9 oil found in olive oil, also lowers cancer incidences.

o Green tea contains antioxidants and health-promoting substances. Green tea supplements are also available. Drink at lease one cup green tea daily.

o Ground flaxseeds. Recent research reveals that flaxseed is excellent for eliminating toxins and that it helps prevent breast cancer. Use 2 -3 tablespoons fresh ground flaxseed daily. Flaxseed also contains Omega-3 oil.

o Use supplements. Whole-food-based multivitamins, which include folic acid, B12, D and E. Other supplements recommended include--Turmeric, Selenium, Rosemary, Oregano, CoQ10, and adaptogenic herbs--Ginseng, Holy basil and Ashwaghanda.

o Sleep 8 hours a night--10 PM to 6 AM: Two independent studies published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reveals that sleeping at the darkest hours boost levels of cancer-productive hormones, especially melatonin. One study found that women who work the night shift have a 50 percent higher incidence of breast cancer.

Mind, Body and Spirit Health:

The first step in creating a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit is making a philosophical shift--creating a new paradigm regarding your relationship with your Mind, Body and Spirit. For some this shift will be something they have read about, thought about, but didn't know how to begin or follow through. For others this shift might be analogous to jumping off the Empire State Building. Let me assure you no one has ever died as a result of making this shift--the consistent results are better more vibrant health. No matter your age or 'unhealthy' condition making this shift will create better health. The most effective and powerful way to better health is to completely shift everything at once; Mind-Set, Emotions, Nutrition, Exercise, Spirituality, However, I appreciate the fear of the unknown holds the majority of people back from such a 'radical' change. Most people begin making changes gradually. Needless-to-say, making changes gradually hampers the immediate results you want to see. If you make changes gradually you may not see results for several months. If you made changes on all levels simultaneously you will see results within a week or sometimes even hours.

The second step is a big leap of faith--giving up the idea that Western Medicine is the end-all-be-all to create and maintain a healthy body. The United States ranks 16th or more in the world on effectively treating health related issues. If Western Medicine was as effective as the commercials on TV purports it to be, one would think the United States would rank number one in treating all health issues. Your guidance on health issues need to be shifted to a Naturopath or Iridologist. There is a plethora of information on the Internet on the practice of Naturopathy and Iridology. Do the research.

The AMA and APA does a brilliant job selling the idea that they and only they know your body. Ask anyone from China, India, Japan, Europe and they politely laugh about our beliefs on maintaining health. A Naturopath or Iridologist accesses the level of body health and recommends the required nutrition, herbs and supplements necessary to bring your body back to optimum functioning.

The third step is another leap of faith--literally and figuratively--shifting your belief on spirituality. In Alternative Healthcare verses Western Medicine, I said, "Every Thing in the universe is Energy and Consciousness. How anyone thinks or feels about that 'Fact' cannot change it. The purpose of 'All' religions is the recognition that humans have a part of themselves that is not physical and there is a need to explore and experience this aspect of oneself. Part of the intent is to discover one's purpose and to live in the best way possible; part of that goal also includes the attainment of 'Truth and Spiritual Wellness.'" Religions fail to attain 'Truth and Spiritual Wellness.' Proof that religion has failed in this regard manifests through the wars we continue to create; and the emotional dysfunctions people continue to struggle with. Peace of mind is essential to create a healthy body and also to create a healthy world. Peace of mind can be attained through Yoga, exercise, emotional healing and connecting to ones inner-self. Gurus, Avatars, Shamans, Spiritual Leaders can guide you into your inner-self. Spirituality is based on the belief that Every Thing in the universe is Energy and Consciousness.

Where is your Consciousness? It is within you. Therefore, going within is the only way to create Peace of Mind. Also, going within, creates a connection with an 'Essence' greater than yourself. In the world of spirituality you are free to call this 'Essence' whatever feels right to you. Attaining 'Peace of Mind' is an inside job. Find a Gurus, Avatar, Shaman, or Spiritual Leader to guide your Spiritual growth--outside the only religion you have ever known.

The Fourth Step is making a mind-set--a.k.a. values and beliefs--shift. Remember we are including the Mind, Body and Spirit in the quest to create health as they are not separate. Although, you have used your conscious mind to make the previous shifts, there are other mind shifts. You need to access all your values and beliefs. Take inventory....What do I believe? The most important question is: "What do I want to believe?" If you aren't deciding what you want to believe someone else is. I suspect, the commercials/advertising, the AMA, APA is dictating what you believe. After taking inventory develop a plan to systematically change your beliefs. I facilitate a one-on-one highly focused and structured process called, 'Creating Your Dynamic Future.' Decide to create your future.

A mind-set shift is created through listening to the language you use--the tape you run in your head. Your life is created by your thoughts; everything you think and say drives you toward that reality. For example, if you say, I can't, ____. That is what you will create. If you say, I am working on learning to___. Or I can. That is what you will create.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author, "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life." Mind, Body, Spirit healing and Physical/Sexual Abuse Prevention and Recovery. As an inspirational leader, Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

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Sept. 05- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Almost Here
By Daniel Namm Platinum Quality Author

One of the most important events that you can get involved with this October is breast cancer awareness. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is recognized across the country every year as a way to educate people about the risks associated with the disease. There are tons of groups that organize to get out the message, as well as to raise money for breast cancer research. There are plenty of ways to get involved with promoting awareness, but let's examine a couple of the most popular ones. You will also see how breast cancer awareness promotional items can help inform people about the dangers of the disease, as well as encourage them to get involved with raising money for the cure.

The most popular event that takes place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the "Race for the Cure". This event, sponsored by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure nonprofit organization first started in Dallas in 1983. It grew from one local race to about 120 races that now exist worldwide, making it the largest fundraising event for breast cancer in the world. The "Race for the Cure" is actually a sequence of 5K runs and fitness walks which raise a significant amount of donation money for breast cancer research. The race also commemorates woman who have survived breast cancer, as well as honors those who succumbed to the disease. If you are interested in participating in the "Race for the Cure" this year, you can find the race which is closest to you at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website.

For a very easy way to show your support in the workplace, you can participate in a "pink day". On these pink days, people wear pink clothing as a way to recognize the struggle of breast cancer victims. A pink day may also involve some type of theme party that is designed to raise money to find a cure. Many companies will participate in this activity, so see if your employer is interested in having a pink day this year.

If you have a local fundraising organization, or you just want to do your part in educating the public, there are several custom breast cancer awareness items that can help you get the word out about this issue. To start, there is the obvious choice of an item that has a pink ribbon. The pink ribbon is the universal symbol for breast cancer awareness, and it is widely recognized by almost everyone who sees it. There are plenty of items to choose from whose visual presentation involve the pink ribbon in some way.

The awareness ribbon lapel stickers for instance are a great promotional item for commemorating this occasion. You can have these stickers custom imprinted with the name of your charity event, and give them out to everyone you know. Stickers stay put wherever the recipient places them, so they will be reminded of your cause every time they see this item.

Another good pink ribbon item is the breast self exam bookmark. This item is both educational and functional. On the bookmark is a series of diagrams which explain how to give yourself a self exam in order to catch any signs of the disease in their earliest stage. Of course, this item also makes a nice placeholder for the book that you happen to be reading. This item is a fantastic way to inform people about cancer prevention, and you will save lives by passing these out.

There are other breast cancer awareness promotional items without the pink ribbon that will do equally well for promoting your message. For one, translucent pink beach balls are a great way to inform people about the disease. Even though breast cancer awareness month is not until the fall, you'll be ahead of the curve when you give these balls out to everyone on the beach before the summer is over. You want to spread an early bird message in the months before October to create as much of a buzz as possible about the upcoming awareness event. This way, people have time to clear their schedule and save some money and they will be much more likely to donate or participate in a walk.

A final suggestion for breast cancer awareness promotional items is to purchase some custom awareness bracelets. The great thing about these bracelets is that they have already been established as a symbol of cancer research support. (Lance Armstrong started the LiveStrong wristband campaign for testicular cancer several years ago.) The obvious choice is to purchase bracelets which are pink. These bracelets can be imprinted with any message you prefer. Have the name of your charity embossed on these bracelets, and hand them out as a gift when people make a donation.

Make sure to get involved this October in any way that you can. Every dollar you spend, and every minute of your time advances the effort towards finding a cure. As an added reminder, when you purchase custom breast cancer awareness items from Motivators, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc.

Daniel Namm is an e-marketing specialist for Motivators, Inc., a Long Island based promotional products distributor. The company's website, has over 40,000 e-commerce enabled promotional products. Check out the latest selection of Breast Cancer Awareness promotional items to educate people about the disease.

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Sept. 05- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Signs of Rare Breast Cancer in Teenagers
By Peter Gitundu Platinum Quality Author

Recommended Reading
Cancer-Free -- Third Edition.
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Breast cancer originates from breast tissue. This type is usually common in women over the age of forty years, although there are a few men who suffer from it. It is also known to occur in teenagers, although it is not so common. One of the worst types is inflammatory breast cancer, which does not usually present any signs or symptoms. It is therefore one of the most difficult to diagnose especially in teenagers who may not be aware of changes in their bodies. However, where signs and symptoms are present, the breasts appear swollen, tender and often itch. Other symptoms are inverted nipples and bruises on the breast and formation of lymph nodes on the armpits.

When a teenager notices a lump, they should be taken to hospital immediately for a proper examination. However, not all lumps are cancerous and only a qualified physician can determine this. In most cases, lumps are caused by changes in the breast during the menstrual cycle. These lumps are usually fluid filled cysts. Lumps which are benign are usually smooth, and move easily within the breast tissue. Most of these lumps do not need to be removed unless they are causing serious discomfort or causing noticeable changes in the shape of the breast.

A lump that appears to be growing in size and that is immobile even when manipulated with the fingers could be an indicator that it is not benign and a sign of breast cancer. These kind of lumps should be taken for additional tests immediately. Teenagers should be encouraged to perform self-examination, and report any changes to their parents. They should be on the look-out for symptoms such as; changes in shape and size of the breast. One breast could appear to be bigger or smaller. One should also be on the look-out for change in the texture of the breast. This includes hardening and thickening of the breast.

In some cases, breast cancer in teenagers is characterized by pain. The teenager will complain about pain that comes and goes frequently on the breast. In some cases it could be constant and will last for more than one day before it stops. One should also check for change in color in parts of the breast. If these color changes do not disappear in a short-while, then it should be a cause for concern. Teenagers facing this disease need a lot of help from family members and support groups. This is especially important because, they feel that they do not fit in with their age-mates and are unlikely to find survivors among their peers.

Peter Gitundu Creates Interesting And Thought Provoking Content on Cancer. For More Information, Read More Of His Articles Here BREAST CANCER TREATMENT If You Enjoyed This Article, Make Sure You Read My Most Recent Posts Here BREAST CANCER TREATMENT

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Sept. 03- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Women's Breast Health and Nutrition
By Steven Panzullo

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Cancer-Free -- Third Edition.
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We can not seem to turn on our televisions, read the news or get on the computer without reading about health problems and new studies for this problem or that problem or this cancer or that one. It is important for everyone, especially women to have regular check ups with their doctor and to eat right and exercise regularly to lower the risk of health concerns and one of these concerns may be breast cancer. It is important for women to know what they should be eating that can help promote good breast health and to reduce their chances of being at risk for cancer and other health problems.
According to Health, Women's Health: What is Best for Breast Health?" certain foods as well as regular doctor checkups and self-exams can help breast health. The National Cancer Institute or NCI have had some studies that may show a modest risk between alcohol and cancer but this is not as high as for some other forms of cancer. So, drinking alcohol should be done in moderation as with any other diet.
Vegetables and Fruits such as: cauliflower, broccoli, bok choi and cabbage can help some survivors of breast cancer lower their risk for recurrence. According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology breast cancer recurrences may be linked to the amount of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is stored in a woman's body fat, so women who are obese or overweight may be at a higher risk for recurrence.
Another food that may help with breast health is ground flaxseed. There have been rumors that this does not work, but if used correctly, putting ground flaxseed on your food can help your breast health as well as your whole body.
It is important for everyone to exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet filled with the proper amount of fruits and vegetables but it may be especially important for women and their breast health. Following a diet filled with these foods, as well as watching your weight and exercising regularly may increase breast health and lower some risk for cancer or other health conditions now and in the future. It is also important for women to continue to go to the doctor for regular visits and to ask about any special concerns. Following these tips may help women to stay healthy long into the future.
Steven is an expert on the Herbalife Diet, online shopping cart sales and has posted this article. Steven runs the weight loss diet site a health nutrition and weight loss website. Steven has helped over over 100,000 people use Herbalife products through Search engine optimization, article marketing and person to person sales. 1-866-552-7830

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