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August 11- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment
By Andy Kahn

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Women can think of alternative approaches for prevention and treatment of breast cancer that is outside the conventional approach of chemotherapy, radiation and tamoxifen. Treating breast cancer is a life and death battle and one needs all the help from all the sources. Modern medicine does know what causes cancer and how it can be prevented. But the cancer specialists or oncologists focus only on burning, poisoning and slashing - the slang used to denote radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

Doctors know that at the end most of the patients will come out mutilated and deformed.

There is nothing much to gain for the physician or the medical industry if they can help you with prevention and milder forms of treatment. The medical industry can make up to 150,000 U.S.$ from a single breast cancer patient. It is in their interest to let the show go on and maintain the status quo.

Why is that modern medicine is not going anywhere in treating this disease? The answer lies basically in the politics of the cancer industry and the industries that create carcinogens. The only way to effectively treat and prevent cancer of the breast is to go outside the norms and approach the issue in a wholesome and holistic manner. The first step would be to stop the massive pollution of this planet with petrochemical pollutants. But the forces that do this are powerful companies and are firmly entrenched. However an organized resistance can tilt the balance. It has been done before by women against the HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) industry successfully.

Women need to educate themselves about carcinogenic pollutants, about breast cancer and inexpensive alternative treatments and do what they can to teach the doctors and the government.

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