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August 13- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health

Beans and Other Foods That Battle Breast Cancer
By Eelynn Lee Platinum Quality Author

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Breast cancer might be a common condition that is often highly treatable, but that doesn't mean preventative measures shouldn't come into play. If risks for developing this disease are high, women are not powerless to fight back. Eating a diet that is rich in beans can make a world of difference by starving this cancer of its food source - the female hormone estrogen.

Since roughly 200,000 new cases are reported in America each year and some 40,000 deaths are attributed to the disease, prevention is an essential step to take. Women who reduce their risks for developing this disease not only improve their chances for avoidance, but they also very often put their bodies into better physical health as a result.

Risks Worth Paying Attention To

While not all women who are at risk for breast cancer develop the disease, many do. There are a variety of risk factors that point to a need to consider prevention by just about every woman on the planet. Some of the more common risk factors include:

  • Simply being a woman: While it's true that men can contract this disease, women are much more likely. Just being a woman is a risk factor.
  • Age: Women over the age of 60 are at higher risk for developing breast cancer, but younger women are not immune.
  • Reproductive history: Women who start their periods before age 12, enter menopause later in life and who do not have children until after the age of 35 are more likely to develop breast cancer than others.
  • Family history: There does seem to be a rather strong genetic tie to breast cancer and family medical history. If a strong history of this cancer runs in a family, women are at much greater risk.

Why Beans?

Legumes are often recommended in anti-cancer and overall healthful diets for a variety of reasons. These rich sources of fiber, however, also contain ingredients that make them very useful in preventing cancer. The phytoestrogens contained in certain beans can block the activity of estrogen, which is known to promote breast cancer. While estrogen is a normal, necessary hormone, it does serve as a fuel for cancer growth.

Studies have found that women in countries throughout the Caribbean and also in Mexico are much less likely to develop breast cancer. The low incidence rate has been attributed to the fact that Hispanic women tend to eat twice as many beans as their American counterparts. Typical Hispanic women from these countries eat about three-quarters of a cup of beans six days a week.

The beans that top the list in this study include pinto, black beans and garbanzo beans. It's important to note that soybeans have also been shown to help prevent cancer cell growth.

Other Inhibiting Foods

Beans are not the only foods that have been shown to help prevent the development of cancer in breast. Certain vegetables have been shown to promote better estrogen metabolism. This, in turn, can assist in breast cancer prevention.

Vegetables that are considered cruciferous are generally the best bets for this. The options include cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and kale.

The link between diet and cancer is one that women should not ignore. Beans may provide a powerful preventative that can help women at high risk avoid this potentially devastating condition.

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Recommended Reading
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