Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 14- 2010 - All About Women Health - Breast Health Articles

Why There is No Effective Treatment For Breast Cancer?


  1. Thx for the links- Totally agree. Crazy system we live in, all about money. The program is warped.
    cloe from cloecouturier.com

  2. Like all Gold Standard Scientifically-clinically Proven evidenced based medicine it is all a nonsense ,yet sadly our dedicated Doctors are hoodwinked into believing what medical science says to protect their hard worked for medical qualifications which on the bases of just this illness amounts to nothing more than a piece of paper, yet is all powerful in dismissing any treatment which comes along to threaten or expose their useless treatments. This will always be the case until we all accept the Mind and body are one and all illness is a process of the mind following emotional or physical traumas in childhood. Without our minds thoughts the body is no more than a lump of meat which is the reason why breast cancer treatments are of little value. The mind will always outsmart the clinician or treatments if the cause within the mind is not addressed and resolved causing Dormant yet highly active symptoms - often if not most times considered side effects from drugs - to confuse the medical teams by creating Mysterious Symptoms which will always defy drug style diet or lifestyle forced changes. Peter Smith Talking Cures http://talkingcures.co.uk/Process%20of%20the%20MInd.html