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Pregnancy May Protect Breast Cancer Survivors
By Pauline Go Platinum Quality Author

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Medical industry survives on the results of researches, so that it has substance to work with for the progress of humanity. Cancer is the second biggest killer in the United States. Different types of cancer kill millions of people every year. A new research about breast cancer proposes that women, who have the cancer, can actually be saved by pregnancy.

The rates of survival may increase if the women get pregnant. Ironically, several women are delaying getting pregnant in order to have a better chance of survival. In fact, this is a notion that is also supported by many doctors as estrogen is identified to accelerate the growth of malignant tumors in the breast. Also, women, who are of child bearing age, are more susceptible to get breast cancer than in any other stage in life.

When questioned about why pregnancy decreased the chances of dying in women who already have cancer, the reports showed hormones may have a big role in the whole process. Pregnancy is a physiological condition that regulates several hormones in the body. Also, estrogen which is capable of increasing the tumors in breast cancer can also play a role in controlling the tumors when it is at a certain level. The body also naturally produces several antibodies during pregnancy for the safety of the mother and child.

Another research in Australia showed that women, who developed breast cancer in a year of giving birth to the child, were highly susceptible to succumbing to the disease than other women of similar age. Whereas as women who developed breast cancer during pregnancy had the same chances of survival as any other woman. This caused the researchers to conclude that the time when a woman decides to get pregnant and resort to breastfeeding plays a big role in masking the tumor as the breasts undergo changes.

The result of a subsequent research conducted in Germany will be a welcome relief to many pregnant women, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The research showed that the developing fetus is not harmed if a woman undergoes chemotherapy while being pregnant.

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