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Signs of Breast Cancer and Management of the Cancer
By Alfred Chai Wei Liang Platinum Quality Author

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Breast cancer awareness is a must for every female. This article will be concerning about the possible signs of breast cancer and its common management. There are many, but it is always a wise move to know one or two. In future, this little knowledge itself may very well save your life.

Among the possible signs of breast cancer showing up are:-

- Discharge from nipple (of the breasts) which is not breast milk, and sometimes bloody

- Physical changes like the nipple pointing downward or inverted. Any itchiness, redness, scaling or even dimples also should never be overlooked.

- Breasts will look and feel bigger. Pain usually accompanies this growth.

- A lump or thick tissue or bump or abnormally you feel near your breast or under your arm.

Even changes such as discharge of physical changes can be caused by medication, infections or even the birth control pills a female regularly consumes. To be sure, always check with your doctor.

In combating breast cancer, surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy or chemotherapy may be used alone. Chemotherapy, is often the fearful word mentioned and associated with breast cancer treatment. Most treatments are painful to some degrees. Otherwise, one or more of the mentioned therapies will be used. Your doctor will help plan an appropriate treatment after taking into consideration a number of factors. Factors like age, general health, type or size of tumour, biopsy histology and whether it has spread beyond the breast (tumour growth progress) are tested. Ultimately, preference in treatment type will be an important factor in combating breast cancer.

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Recommended Reading

Cancer Free -- Third Edition. Gentle, Non-toxic Healing
Of Cancer Is Not Only Possible

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